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"The best way to see the city!"

"For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind." - Eleanor Everet

Here at Boston Segway Tours, we're raising the bar of safety standards in the Segway Tourism Industry.

We've realized that when it comes to Segway safety, training is crucial. We are so proud to introduce creative new practices into our training methods and couldn't be more thrilled to start implementing them as well as share them with you here online, before you even step foot into our location. We are asked all the time, "Is it safe to ride with all the traffic in Boston?" and we can confidently say... YES!

We understand the importance of safety that is why we have taken our commitment a step further and are constantly striving to improve the way Segway training is done in the tourism industry. To achieve this, we diligently analyze what other companies are doing and actively seek feedback from our customers to make sure that our training practices are as clear and easy to comprehend as possible. We remain committed to providing safe, reliable, and enjoyable Segway experiences for all customers.


We are also dedicated to continuing our education and expanding our knowledge of the best ways to train our guests. Our training has already produced great results, and we are confident that with further improvements we can create an even more successful environment for everyone who visits Boston. We strive to make sure our guests feel safe and informed wherever they go in this wonderful city.

  • Safety Handouts

  • Group Introduction

  • Training Video

  • Individual Training

  • Frequent Reminders


  • Mount it 

  • Move it   

  • Watch it 

  • Stop it   

  • Dismount it  

We have built a structure to our training that brings real awareness of how our guests are using the Segways. Our innovative approach is designed to provide an improved user experience, while also ensuring the safety of all Segway riders.


To remember the 5 basic rules when riding a Segway, we have come up with what we call the "5 Elements of Safety". Not only are we building confidence within our guests, we're building trust. We go above and beyond to ensure that each guest feels valued and secure when they come to us.

Our Segway tours provide a unique opportunity to experience the world in an exciting and safe way. Some people may feel apprehensive about gliding around on a Segway, but we’re here to tear down the wall of fear! We're committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience and with extensive safety protocols and customer-oriented service, you can trust us for a safe and fun adventure!


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