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"The best way to see a city!"

"For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind."  ~Eleanor Everet.

Here at Boston Segway Tours, we're raising the bar of safety standards in the Segway Tourism Industry.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 11.50.07 AM.png
We've realized

when it comes to Segway safety, the training is crucial. We are so proud to introduce creative new practices into our training methods and couldn't be more thrilled to start implementing them as well as sharing them with you here online, before you even step foot into our location. We are asked all the time, "Is it safe to ride with all the traffic in Boston?" and can answer you confidently...

We've engaged


a special interest in ways to improve safety training accross the board. We are so passionate about your safety we've analyzed what is out there and have asked ourselves "What are other companies doing?", "How can we improve the way Segway training is done in the tourism industry?", and most importantly - "How can we break this down into the most comprehendable form of communication and teaching practices?" 


As we always continue to learn in life - we are continuing to learn new and improved ways to train our guests, making them feel educated and safe on the streets of Boston. We can tell you one thing is for certain, what we've come up with so far has proven to be a

  • Safety Handouts

  • Group Introduction

  • Individual Training

  • Frequent Reminders

5 elements of safety

  • M o u n t 

  • M o v e    

  • W a t c h 

  • S t o p    

  • D i t c h  






We're building

structure to our method that brings real consciosness of how our guests use their Segways. We're showing them how to genuinely feel confident while they ride. We're proud to feel like we could be creating an industry standard in Segway safety that tears down the wall of fear between being curious, scared, and anxious to gliding free on an amazing Segway tour.


We've come up with a clever and intuitive way to remember the 5 basics, or what we call the "5 elements of safety" of riding a Segway. Not only are we building confidence within our guests, we're building

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