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We are hiring for 2024!

We're thrilled to announce that we're expanding our team and looking for talented individuals to join us in 2024! If you have a keen interest in Boston's rich history, possess excellent public speaking abilities and have a proven record of exceptional customer service, then we would love to hear from you!

Tour Guide Position


Job Type: 

Boston, MA, USA

Full Time

Join our team!

Do you like talking to people? Being outdoors? Adventurous? Then come to Boston and be a Segway Tour Guide for Boston Segway Tours! Work outside in a dynamic environment leading visitors and locals alike around the historical city of Boston. Previous tour guiding experience is preferred but not required. Some of our best guides have come from seemingly unrelated fields such as acting, food service, and even stand-up comedy!

Our peak season is from June 1st until September 30th. Starting wage is $18/hour plus tips and additional incentives. Training and uniform will be provided.

- Scheduling is flexible but one weekend day is required
- Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
- Applicants must have a valid Driver’s License
- Public speaking experience is a plus

We need energetic, positive and team-oriented individuals especially those who possess strong customer service skills and know how to have a bubbly and friendly persona. The ideal candidate must also demonstrate good time management, critical thinking, problem-solving and public speaking skills.

Boston Segway Tours is committed to inclusion and diversity. This dedication is a result of our culture of integrity, sincere concern for others, and respect for the uniqueness of each person. We see diversity and inclusion as a lifelong path marked by shared accountability, constant development, and a commitment to advancement. Join us as we seek to create a culture that values and views diversity as a priority.

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

About us

Boston Segway Tours is a leading provider of guided tours in Boston and has been the #1 tour on TripAdvisor for almost 6 years. We have been operating Segway tours since 2015, leading the way with a premier service that shows guests the city of Boston in a way like never before. Our team of experienced tour guides is made up of locals who are passionate about the city and its rich history. They receive extensive training to ensure that each tour is not only fun but also safe. Our mission is to create memories that will last a lifetime and provide our guests with a deeper appreciation for Boston's unique charm and character.

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